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Each area has a water committee who ensure correct use and maintenance of the pots. They help organise the training events which spreads filter building skills and gets the water filtering embedded into the community.

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Here are a selection of things you might do to help. You could, of course, without reference to us, go to a poor community in the developing world with access to river water, free from industrial contamination, and work with them on building there own filters! There are many resources available to get started, including some here . I am thinking, however, you might want to do something smaller than that!

Special Appeal: Coliform/E.Coli petrifilms One thing we really do need are these petrifilms that allow us to test the effectiveness of freshly constructed filters. There are bound to be practical challenges which affect the efficiency of the filter - quantity/type of sand, correct construction, dislocation of the hose. At the end of the day we need to run a quick test to verify a particular filter really is working. These cost in the region of £510 (GBP) for 500. Please contact us if you would be up for helping us obtain these consumable items. I can point you to the supplier or tell you how to donate cash.

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