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Each area has a water committee who ensure correct use and maintenance of the pots. They help organise the training events which spreads filter building skills and gets the water filtering embedded into the community.

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Cost, Easy Maintenance, Empowerment.

We think that the locally made, family sand filter is the cheapest and most reliable route to clean water for many of the world’s most marginalised people. Apart from labour / training costs the ‘outside’ materials needed for one filter are one third of a bag of cement & one meter of hose. Access to good ‘sharp’ sand is also necessary as well as stones and gravel. A top pot, to control the flow rate of water is also an advantage - this can be of any material but locally made ceramic is most popular.

Once in place, the filter serves the water needs of one family. The filter is easy to maintain. The responsibility for doing that falls on the family using it. No wider community organisation is needed. Experience has shown that the filters are well maintained across the board.

The filter does NOT rely on first world technology. It can be locally produced and, in fact, requires no intervention or help from anyone in the developed world! Except to perhaps share the knowledge, impart skill and encourage adoption at the start.

Many who drink river water do so because it is culturally acceptable, even desirable to do so. The sand filter fits well into this social norm. It even improves the river water by providing a little cooling.

They are ‘appropriate technology’. They have been shown to work by eliminating deaths due to Cholera in villages which previously suffered annual Cholera fatalities.

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